Is MarkLogic a graph database

Once the data is in a form you like, you can use it in transactional apps, operational apps, or send it to downstream systems using a variety of industry-standard APIs and query languages.

Query Interfaces and APIs – MarkLogic exposes data using a variety of industry-standard query interfaces and APIs that are familiar to developers. Developers don’t need to know everything about MarkLogic, they just need to know the API.

Query languages and APIs include: JavaScript, XQuery, SPARQL, SQL, REST API, Java API, Node.js API, Optic API

Types of applications and systems accessing data in MarkLogic include:

  • Transactional apps: data services, micro-services
  • Analytical apps: real-time trends, integration with BI tools such as Tableau
  • Semantic apps: Ontology managers, OWL reasoners
  • Downstream systems: Analytics in a data warehouse, Hadoop archives, etc.
Where Great Apps Begin – Whether you’re building a transactional or analytical app, MarkLogic is the place to start.